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56a Consulting is a specialist management consultancy focusing on Organisational Transformation, Enterprise Architecture and Solutions Delivery. With over 20 years' experience across Manufacturing, Financial Services, IT, Energy and Media Sectors, we are here to help clients deliver and meet their objectives.

As the world continues to change the need to quickly adapt is increasingly important, but to do this with confidence requires making decisions based on facts and data that reflect the realities of the changing workplace. Digital Change is happening at pace and challenging organisations in ways that were the subject of academic theory until recently, so the question is how do businesses adapt?

Purpose Statements... Sustainability... Circular Economy... Meaningful Work... Coporate Democracy... Digitalisation and Digital Transformation... it's a rapidly changing world and how you respond to it will be the arbiter of success. Let 56a Consulting help you on your journey.

As the world changes ever more rapidly, organisations need to continually change to meet the new normal. 56a is experienced in supporting organisation-wide transformation, optimising delivery from Strategy and Architectural definition, to Solutions Design and successful delivery.

Adopting a structured approach but with the flexibility to adapt to a client’s needs and goals, 56a Consulting will work with you to do things differently and deliver results to your organisation.

Driving efficiency and flexibility by leveraging new technologies to put Business Platforms at the heart of the new enterprise will be key to future success. Proper understanding of Enterprise Architecture is fundamental to a successful organisation, covering the business to IT stack, supporting co-ordinated change and enabling the realisation of synergies. Through development of Plans and Models, definition of uniform Principles, and establishing Norms and Values across a business, organisations can lay the foundations to address the challenges of an ever changing world.

56a Consulting take a layered view to Enterprise Architecture, working across the Strategy, Organisation, Alignment, Application and Infrastructure layers to support a joined up view of an organisation and provide foundations for businesses to develop from.

Ideas and concepts are important, however being able to successfully deliver them is vital. 56a Consulting uses a structured and flexible approach to ensure successfully realising clients project and programme objectives. Large or small, we will work with you to deliver success.

Agile, DevOps, Waterfall. Whatever your approach we have the experience to support you and your objectives


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